Medical Sales and Support
Uw toegang tot de zorgmarkt

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Your Partners in Medical -Telmarketing, -Costumerservice and -Transcription

We have more then 10 years experience in making appointments with buyers, managers and DMU’s in the healthcare and medical sector, conducting the appointments, making quotes.

Through professional and product knowledge, market knowledge, good interview techniques, but most off all by waging an open and substantive conversation, we know how to identify sales opportunities and make appointments.
Our distinctive character consist of my years of nursing experience, perfect control of medical terminology, professional and product knowledge.

  • Business proposal Telemarketing and Acquisition:
  • Making a appointment with the DMU, in the healthcare and medical sector.
  • Through the experience from a pilot project you can intensify the chosen market strategy, possible adjust and better target your products in this market.
  • The selection of addresses (DMU) is critical for the success and can be a part the Omnichannel strategy.

Medical Transcription

We’ve delivered quality medical transcription for over 8 years

- Improved physician documentation efficiency
- Lecture notes are submitted by nurses with many years of practical experience
- Knowledge of the sector, language, and medical terminology
- Reliability and security of personal data
- Delivery possible in many file forms
- Elaboration in house style or format
- Data will be treated confidentially, security-statement is available
- Obligation of secrecy shall be taken into account
- Elaborate possible in Dutch, English and German
- Reduced overall costs

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